2019 Jocelyn Proulx Grant

2019 Jocelyn Proulx Grant
Jocelyn Proulx Grant
Once again this year, in memory of the co-founder of Aventure Airsoft Lanaudiere, we are renewing the Jocelyn Proulx Grant which consists of a $500 gift card at Aventure Airsoft Lanaudière.The Jocelyn Proulx Grant will reward the airsoft player who will stand out during the summer for his teamworkand his honesty.

In 2010 after having undergone surgery removing a cancerous mass of 14 cm in diameter and 4 ribs on the right side. After this event, Jocelyn discovered the airsoft, he was attracted by the values ​​that were conveyed there: the honesty of the players as well as the team spirit. Values ​​needed to have a nice day.

During the 7 years that followed, Jocelyn put all his heart and

his passion in the creation and expansion of AAL. Finally, in October 2017, he succumbed to the recurrence of his cancer leaving behind a brand in the world of airsoft in Quebec.

The finalists are:



1. To register a player, you mustidentify a playerwho you think has the best team spirit and the value of honesty of the 2019 season, by clicking on the link below and by entering his name in the comments.You must also explain why you register this player.

*The 10 players with the most votes will advance to the next stage on July 30, 2019*